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  The View From on High (By: Babak Tafreshi)    1     2

The View From on High
Babak Tafreshi [ Profile | Gallery ]
Location: ALMA Observatory, Chile
Date: 2014 April 1

Image made with a 15mm fisheye lens on 6D full frame camera at f4. About 45 seconds exposure at ISO 3200, tracked on Vixen Polarie at 1/2 speed (starscape mode). The Milky Way galaxy lights up the night above two ALMA radio telescopes in Chile's Atacama Desert. The altitude—16,400 feet (5,000 meters) above sea level—allows for exceptional visibility. The Southern Cross (Crux) constellation is visible to the left of the radio telescope in the foreground; Saturn is the brightest orb of light halfway down the image to the right. © Babak Tafreshi, ESO,