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  Gems in the Tail of Scorpion (By: Babak Tafreshi)    2     5

Gems in the Tail of Scorpion
Babak Tafreshi [ Profile | Gallery ]
Location: ALMA Observatory, Chile
Date: April 2014

The Milky Way, nebulae and star clusters in Scorpius, photographed in the dark night sky of La Silla Observatory, Chile. The brighter star of the two in the middle is Shaula or Lambda Scorpii, marking the Scorpion's sting. It is the constellation's second brightest star. To its upper left are two star clusters, M7 (the Ptolemy Cluster) and M6 (the Butterfly Cluster). To the upper right of Shaula is NGC 6334, an emission nebula also known as the Cat's Paw.