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  Night sky a bove radkan tower (By: Amin Ghavamian)    2     3

Night sky a bove radkan tower
Amin Ghavamian [ Profile | Gallery ]
Location: Chenaran-Khorasan
Date: 12/20/2012

There is a tower near 80 kilometer to "Chenaran"'s road called "Rakan" in Khorasan Razavi . It has 35 meter height and 20 meter outer diameter with conical dome. This tower has twelve holes that known as twelve constellation in astronomic calendar. It was only criterion for placing seasons, years and NOWRUZ in its past glamour's days. And its doors are in the way of winter and summer solstice. It's necessary to know that this place had been designed by KHAJE NASIRODIIN TOSSY, Iranian astronomer and big scientist. At 2012 winter solstice when Orion was raising from this astronomic tower my memorable picture had been recorded. Orion stars and Ursa Major ( Great Bear) had been defused because of clouds but it had been edited in Photoshop.