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Star Trails over an old house
By: Amin Ghavamian
Gallery: Nightscape

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  • Northern Lights in Cold NightsAurora over Finnish Lapland
  • 360 Degree Star Trails Panoramaabove the Danube Bend, north of Budapest
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The 2015 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest
Date: 2015 Mar. 12 - Apr. 22
Categoty: NA


Astromaster September 2014
Date: 2014 Sep 26 - Oct 3
Categoty: Workshop


Workshop in Azores Islands
Date: 2014 Apr 30 - May 3
Categoty: Workshop


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The 2014 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest Video
By: StarryPeople Editor
Categoty: NA


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Center of Milky Way

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Using Polarie for Timelapse Pan Motion

Night Sky at Mount Bromo

La Palma Summit


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Polarie in Action at 5000 Meters

Score: 12


By: Babak Tafreshi


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Polarie in Action at 5000 Meters

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By: Babak Tafreshi


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