Submitting Photos & Videos


How can I submit a photo?
After logging-in, click on "Submit a Photo" hyperlink in your page, fill the form fields, select related gallery, select the photo file from your computer and finally click "Submit Your Photo" button.

How will I know if my submitted photo have been received?
After submitting your photo, you'll see a "Successfully Done" message with a thumbnail of submitted photo.

What are the photo submission limits?
our submitted photo must be a 1000 pixels wide or tall JPG photo file with minimal JPG compression.


What information should I include with my photo submission?
Suggested title, location, data and a short description of the subject and technical aspects. Please note that the information you provide may be edited be StarryPeople editors.


How can I submit a video?
In order to submit your video in StarryPeople, you should upload your video on YouTube website first, and copy the uploaded video URL (in browser's address bar). Then log-in to StarryPeople, click on "Submit a Video" hyperlink in your page, fill the form fields, paste YouTube URL in related field, and finally click "Submit Your Video" button.


Will StarryPeople pay me for my photo(s) or video(s)?



Is my photo accessible by website visitors just after submitting?
No, Your photo should be approved by one of StarryPeople editors before appearing on the public galleries. It may take several days.