Viewing Photos & Videos


How the photos and videos of StarryPeople are categorized?
There're 3 galleries on StarryPeople website; two photo galleries: Nightscape (night sky photos with foreground landscapes) and Deep Sky (photos of deep sky objects) and one video gallery: Motion. There's another photo gallery (TWAN) which is linked to Polarie gallery on TWAN website.

Where all photos and videos of StarryPeople come from?
All photos and videos you can see in StarryPeople galleries are submitted by members.

How can I see more photos submitted by a specify photographer?
If you are visiting a photo gallery, notice the name of photographer at the bottom of each thumbnail. If click one of these names, you'll see all photos submitted by him/her.

If you see a full-size photo in "Photos" page, you can notice the name of photographer at information box under the photo. Just click the "Gallery" hyperlink beside it.


I didn't find a "Next | Previous" button, so how can I see all photos in a gallery one by one?
When visiting a gallery, if you click
icon below any thumbnail photo, a larger photo in full-screen mode appears. There you'll find "Next" and "Previous" buttons by putting the mouse pointer over the photo and you can easily navigate through the all photos in gallery.