About Vixen Polarie


What digital cameras are suitable for taking wide field celestial photography with the Polarie?
It is essential that a digital camera for astrophotography has the ability of opening a shutter for a long period of time and setting a focus at infinity.
Use of a DSLR camera (digital camera with interchangeable photographic lens), which has functions to control the focus, shutter exposure times and lens apertures manually, is recommended.

What equipment is required besides the Polarie?
A stable camera tripod and a ball head adapter, on which to attach the camera to the Polarie, are required. In addition, a shutter release (remote) cable is needed to avoid vibration.

What photographic lenses are suitable for the Polarie?
Generally it is advisable to use a wide-angle photographic lens. The wide-angle photographic lens offers a wide frame and it is suitable for taking photos of whole constellations and the Milky Way. With the longer shutter exposure, star trails are less conspicuous in the wide frame of the wide-angle photographic lens even if the polar setting of the Polarie is not precise. The longer the focal length of a photographic lens, the shorter the exposure time that allows pinpoints star images. As a result, more accurate polar setting is required when using a telephoto lens.